Canadian Open Data Summit

Canadian Open Data Summit

Canadian Open Data Summit, April 28th 2016 in Saint John, NB.

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Bringing Data to Life
Data Visualization Exhibition at the Canadian Open Data Summit, April 27-28, 2016

“I believe that data visualization sits at the intersection between science and art. There is absolutely some science to it: best practices and guidelines to follow. But there is also an artistic component. This means that two different people may approach the same data visualization challenge differently. There is room for diversity of thought and approaches. But it is important that we use our artistic license to make the information easier for our audience to understand, not more difficult.”  – Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic, Author of Storytelling with Data

About the Initiative

Bringing Data to Life is an opportunity for individuals and organizations to showcase how data can be used to tell a story and to help make informed decisions.  The Exhibition will launch at the opening of the Canadian Open Data Summit in Saint John, NB at a dinner on the evening of April 27th and be available for the public to view at the Delta during the Summit the next day. Winners in three categories will be announced during the dinner and receive cash prizes.

By helping audiences understand the data we collect, they will, in turn, have a better understanding of the power of data and be more compelled to collect and analyze their own data.

Bringing Data to Life supports the Open Data movement by encouraging more companies and public institutions to share their data because of its power to provide insights and drive new applications.

How to Participate

Organizations with data to share can participate by submitting an entry
in one of the three categories listed below.  Organizations are encouraged to unleash the power of their data by presenting it in creative ways. All submissions will be featured on the Canadian Open Data Summit website, the top 15 submission will be displayed at the exhibition and three will be selected as best-of-class winners.

Here are some questions to consider as inspiration for your submission.
What problem are we facing or addressing?
What trends are we seeing?
What markets have we created?
What progress have we made?
What efficiencies have been achieved?
How far behind are we?
What new innovations have had a positive impact?
Who is achieving success? Who is falling behind?
Where is our money best spent?

Submission Categories:

Data Visualization

This category will celebrate organization that already do data visualization and encourage those who do not to step out of their comfort zone and experiment with displaying their data visually.

Storytelling with Data

This category encourages organizations to visually convey an underlining message or a story.  This is great for those that are already comfortable with using graphics and a variety of tools to interpret their data.  The goal of this category will be to go a bit beyond data visualization by creating a short accompanying storyboard.

Data Visualization as Art

Using one or more datasets, this category will be for those who want to communicate data in an artistic way.  Participants will tap into their creativity and express the datasets as a piece of art.


A Best-of-Class winner for each category will be awarded a $500 prize. The submissions will be judged by a jury of local data experts and the winners will be announced at the opening dinner of the Canadian Open Data Summit.

Submission guidelines

Organizations are encouraged to use more than one data set in their submission
Original datasets can be combined with third-party data
Submissions should creatively illustrate the power of data to tell a story or increase insights on a particular topic and include a descriptive title
The final product should be a high-resolution .jpg file that can be printed on a 24 x 36 board
File resolution must be minimum of 300dpi
Enterprise Saint John will cover the costs and logistics for printing the boards
All files need to be submitted to by April 8th

Participation in the Canadian Open Data Summit

To register for the National Open Data Summit on April 27th – 28th, please visit

Data Visualization tools and other helpful resources

Free online tools for data visualization

More examples of non-traditional data representation

For more information or to register, please contact:
Janet Scott, Director Business and Community Development at Enterprise Saint John
Phone: 506-632-6131
Chelsea Floyd, Co-op student, Enterprise Saint John
Phone: 506-658-4020

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