This event depends on the generosity of sponsors. Fortunately, the open data community has many supporters across Canada who want to see it succeed. Our sponsorship packages offer a range of options. All proceeds, including ticket sales, go towards the organisation of the Summit by covering expenses such as:

  • Travel for speakers
  • Networking socials
  • A prize for the Canadian Open Data Award 2015
  • Lunch, coffee break, and good healthy food pause café
  • Translation
  • Promotional material
  • Venue rental costs
  • Technical set up of the venue
  • Website

To discuss sponsorship opportunities or to receive a sponsorship information package, please contact us at info@opennorth.ca. Our sponsorship levels range from a $500 Bronze level to an exclusive $15,000 Diamond level.

We are committed to ensuring that all sponsors are appropriately recognized through our promotional efforts and on the day of the event itself. It’s important that the open data community knows who stands behind it.


The first Canadian Open Data Summit was organised in 2013 by the Open Data Society of British Columbia, and the event has grown ever since. The 2015 edition aspires to be a truly national event: engaging more stakeholders and getting the message out to the entire open data community. Leading organisations and networks are involved in the design, planning, and promotion of the event. Only as a community can we ensure that more Canadians can take advantage of open data and that a diversity of voices contribute to its evolution through the discussions on May 25.

Here are some of the things that partners have helped us with:

  • Event design and feedback
  • Speaker recommendations
  • Introduction to potential sponsors
  • Blog post placement
  • Promotion on social media

If you would like to propose a partnership, don’t hesitate to contact us at info@opennorth.ca.

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