Arturo Rivera

Arturo Rivera is a Digital Government Policy Analyst at the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). His work focuses on supporting the digital transformation of the public sector across OECD member and partner countries, and on providing high-level policy advice to governments to ensure the impact of digital technologies and data with a focus on the benefits for the citizens.

Within the Digital Government and Data Unit, Arturo leads and coordinates the work on data-driven public sector, which covers the areas of data governance, open data, and data ethics in the public sector, among others. He has authored and co-authored several country studies and OECD reports covering the topics of digital government, public services, and data in different countries and regions, including Europe, Latin America and South-East Asia.  Among other responsibilities, Arturo manages the development of the OECD’s Open, Useful and Reusable Data (OURdata) Index, and the activities of the OECD Working Party of Senior Digital Government Officials (E-leaders)’ Thematic Groups on Data-Driven Public Sector, Emerging Tech and Digital Democracy, and the OECD Expert Group on Open Government Data. Prior to joining the OECD Digital Government and Data team in 2015, Arturo worked on other areas within the OECD including regulatory policy, open government and risk management from 2011 to 2014  mainly in the Latin American region.


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