Carmela Cucuzzella

Dr. Carmela Cucuzzella is a Professor in the Design and Computation Arts department, at Concordia University. She is founding co-director of the Next Generation Cities Institute (NGCI) at Concordia Univerisity. She holds the University Research Chair in Integrated Design And Sustainability for the Built Environment (IDEAS-BE). Her current research focuses on the didactic phenomena of eco- art, architecture and design in the city as a means for raising awareness and mobilizing sustainability. Among many other publications, in 2020, she published two books: (1) as a sole author, Analyzing Eco-architecture Beyond Performance offers an overview of the state of the field and constitutes a critical introduction to the study of environmentalism in architecture. Contrary to the technological and performative biases of most eco-design studies, the book helps to understand how meaning is embedded in all types of eco-architecture.  (2) co-edited with Dr. Sherif Goubran, Sustainable Architecture between Measurement and Meaning takes the reader on a journey that distances itself from the mainstream approaches for sustainable architecture.

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