Josée Plamondon

With a degree in library science and information sciences, Josée Plamondon has more than 30 years of experience in knowledge organization. Specializing in databases, she also has a master’s degree in business administration, and her professional career is focused on information systems: market intelligence, intellectual capital management, software development and web platforms.

Building on this expertise, Josée proposes work tools and methods in order to provide a better understanding of the interdependence of the strategic, technological and organizational components of projects, as well as expertise in the field. She has been a consultant since 2011, assisting digital initiatives involving linked open data, documentary structures for the Internet, the pooling of resources and the evaluation of technological options. She co-organized the Colloque sur le web sémantique in Quebec from 2016 to 2019 and sits on the board of directors of the Fondation Jean-Pierre Perreault.

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