Josianne Marsan

Josianne Marsan is Vice-Dean of research and innovation of the Faculté des sciences de l’administration at Université Laval (FSA ULaval). She is the founding director of the Centre de recherche en technologies de l’information et affaires (CeRTIA), which the Centre québécois d’excellence numérique (CQEN) has partnered with since 2019. She participated in the development of the CQEN’s Radar numériQc, a tool for assessing organizational digital maturity. Her research interests lie mainly in digital transformation, the IT life cycle and open elements (e.g. data, software, development communities and projects). Josianne is a tenured professor in the Département de systèmes d’information organisationnels at Université Laval. In order to keep her research and teaching up to date, Josianne is actively involved in  communities of practice, including as the organizer of Analyse et architectures organisationnelles conferences and the Journée du CeRTIA as part of the JIQ [an IT and business symposium] of the Réseau Action TI. She is frequently a speaker at industry events, such as the Événements Les Affaires conferences and the Google Summer of Code (GSoC) Mentor Summit.

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