Pierre E. Rodrigue

Pierre E. Rodrigue has been Associate Secretary for Digital Transformation and Chief Information Officer since June 29, 2020.

A seasoned manager familiar with the functioning of public administration thanks to the various skills acquired over the past thirty years, Mr. Rodrigue is a key player in the digital transformation of government.

After practicing tax law at Revenu Québec, he rose through the ranks at Services Québec. Appointed secretary general and director of legal services in 2006, he successively held the positions of director of civil status, vice-president of service development and partnership and interim president and chief executive officer.

In 2013, he became Assistant Deputy Minister of Technologies, Web Services and Strategic Projects at the Ministry of Employment and Social Solidarity and then Assistant Deputy Minister of Management Services and Information Resources.

In February 2019, he was appointed Associate Deputy Minister of Justice Services and Registers, Assistant Deputy Attorney General and Deputy Registrar of Quebec at the Ministry of Justice, where he actively participated in the Justice Modernization Plan and the implementation the Lexius program, which aims for a major digital shift in the Quebec justice system.

With his legal training, Me Rodrigue is a member of the Chambre des notaires du Québec; he impresses with his thoroughness, which translates into a mastery of the various issues he manages. A skilled communicator, he excels in the art of mobilizing his teams to meet and even exceed goals. Since December 2020, the Société québécoise d´information juridique has benefited from the experience of Mr. Rodrigue, who was appointed to its board of directors.

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