Renee Sieber

Renee Sieber’s research focuses on civic engagement in computational technologies. The technologies range from geographic information systems, to open data and smart city tech, to climate modelling and artificial intelligence (computer vision and Natural Language Processing). She was made a fellow of the American Association of Geographers (2018) and was awarded the Canadian Association of Geographers (Geographic Information Systems and Science Special Interest Group): Lifetime Achievement and GIScience Excellence Award (2016).

Sieber finished being Principal Investigator of a pan-Canadian project called Geothink, which investigated how the geospatial web, crowdsourcing, open data and citizen science is reshaping government-citizen interactions. As she increasingly focuses on AI and GeoAI, she currently is the PI of a project called, AI for the Rest of Us. In addition to being on a number of AI Ethics committees, she co-hosts (along with the City of Montreal), the AI in Canadian Municipalities Community of Practice.

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