Rudi Borrmann

Rudi leads OGP’s work at the local level, helping to accelerate impact and reforms where government is closer to citizens by supporting strategic national-local integration, enhancing subnational participation in OGP and improving knowledge and learning opportunities for open government reformers.

Previous to this role he was Undersecretary of Public Innovation and Open Government at the Cabinet Office of Argentina from 2015 to 2019. In this position, Rudi was in charge of the National Open Government Strategy, developing Argentina’s first open data infrastructure, establishing open government reforms with three open state action plans and running LABgobAR (the National Government Lab) to support capacity building and innovation projects using user-centered design, behavioral science, and data management with more than 30.000 government officials involved.

In 2018 he chaired the Digital Economy task force during Argentina’s presidency of the G20. In 2012 he founded the Buenos Aires Innovation Lab, led the city’s Open Government project and was part of the very first new media office of Latin America, three pioneers projects in Argentina.

In 2019 was selected by Apolitical as one of the 100 most influential people in Digital Government. Rudi is a member of the Open Contracting Partnership ́s Advisory Board, the Open Data Policy Lab at the New York University, and the International Academy of Digital Arts and Science.

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