Jonathan Brun is co-founder of Nimonik, an online tool to track environmental, health, and safety laws and to perform audits and verifications on mobile devices. Jonathan co-founded Québec Ouvert and Montréal Ouvert, a citizen’s action group that successfully lobbied the city of Montreal for an open data policy and portal, and is board member at OpenNorth.

Tim Davies is Co-Director of Practical Participation, and an independent researcher and practitioner working the social impacts of open data. From 2012-2014 he led the World Wide Web Foundation‘s Open Data in Developing Countries research programme, and was lead author of the Open Data Barometer study of open data in over 80 countries. He has worked on the development and use of data standards with the International Aid Transparency Initiative, the Open Contracting project, and 360 Giving campaign on transparency of philanthropic funding. He is a PhD candidate in Web Science at the University of Southampton, and an affiliate of the Harvard Berkman Center for Internet and Society.

Panthea Lee is a founder and principal at Reboot, where she specializes in the applications of ethnography, design, and technology in advancing inclusive development and accountable governance. She has led initiatives to improve human development outcomes in over 20 countries, including Afghanistan, Indonesia, Libya, and Nigeria. Her experience spans work on public sector reform, democratic transition, civic innovation, human trafficking, education, and financial inclusion. Panthea worked previously with UNICEF Innovation, and is a graduate of McGill University.

David Hume is Executive Director, Citizen Engagement in the Workforce Planning and Leadership Secretariat for the Province of British Columbia. His small but high impact team is helping ministries across government think through and launch better ways to bring British Columbians into the process of improving policy and services that affect them. David has been full time with the Province of BC since May 2009, and before that has worked in various consulting and project roles with the UN, OECD, the Province of New Brunswick, the Federal Government and the Government of New Zealand.

Richard Stirling leads the Open Data Institute’s international delivery network of nodes, overseeing all ODI work with the public sector in the UK and internationally, as well as managing the ODI’s successful start up incubator programme. Richard has considerable experience at the heart of UK government transparency and data initiatives, creating the strategy and implementation of open data in the UK and advising the UK Prime Minister and Cabinet Office on public sector reform.

Pamela Robinson MCIP RPP is an associate professor at the School of Urban and Regional Planning, Ryerson. Pamela’s research explores the use of civic technology in civic engagement practice and she is a researcher with, a Canadian open data research partnership. Pamela serves on the board of directors of the Metcalf Foundation and is a columnist for Spacing magazine.

Demond Drummer is the Managing Director of the Smart Chicago Challenge at Smart Chicago Collaborative. He was Tech Organizer at Teamwork Englewood, leading a community engagement campaign that drove a 10% increase in home broadband adoption. Demond also originated, a web app to promote the City’s Residential Large Lot Pilot Program in Greater Englewood.

Claire Masson is the Outreach and Engagement Lead on Open Government for the Government of Canada (GC). Most recently, she has led the GC Open Government consultations, and coordinated the first two Canadian Open Data Experiences (CODE), a national hackathon supported by the GC. Claire holds an MBA and has experience in both private and public sectors.

Corinna Vester is a senior geomatics analyst with Natural Resources Canada. Over the past seven years, Corinna has been the coordinator of the GeoBase Secretariat, the Canadian Council on Geomatics and lastly the Canadian Geomatics Community Round Table.  Early on along the way Corinna became an open government convert.  Her role in those groups has contributed to ensuring access to standardized, federal, provincial and territorial geospatial data.

Jose Iguiniz works as a Senior Policy Advisor at Ontario’s Treasury Board Secretariat Implementing the Government of Ontario’s open data initiative. Jose holds a bachelor degree in Social Anthropology and Master in Public Policy. His work includes policy development, program and data management, and community engagement.

Ashley Casovan is the lead for Canada’s Open Government Portal. In this position, she is responsible for working with departments and agencies all across the GC to disseminate data and information. She previously lead the Open Data and Open Government efforts at the City of Edmonton where she developed the award-winning data analytics tools, the Citizen Dashboard. Before getting involved in Open Government activities, Ashley worked in the Canada and United States on political and community organization.

Gordon Plunkett is Director of Spatial Data Infrastructure at ESRI Canada. He has a Master’s Degree in Engineering and has many years of experience in Geomatics in both the public and private sectors. Currently at Esri Canada, Mr. Plunkett is a member of many boards and committees including the Open Geospatial Consortium, the Community Map of Canada, ISO and Carleton University. He has editorial responsibilities for the CIG Journal – Geomatica, the Esri Canada SDI News and a monthly SDI blog.

Phil Ashlock is Chief Architect at where he leads an open development process and helps implement a federated architecture to support open data and APIs across the United States government. Phil helps create digital civic infrastructure to support civic engagement and open government. He’s spearheaded community-driven civic technology initiatives with global reach like the Open311 standard for interacting with government through an open feedback channel. Previously, he served as a Presidential Innovation Fellow working with theGSA and the White House Office of Digital Strategy on Project MyUSA.

Lee Rose is the Director of Community Knowledge at Community Foundations of Canada and the Sherpa for CKX, a platform for collective social change. When he’s not catching up on what’s new in the world of community knowledge and social innovation, he can usually be found spending time with his three kids, chasing after this runaway dog, cycling, or wishing he was paddling a canoe on Lake Temagami.

Michael Lenczner has been working in community and public interest technology since 1999. He is now the CEO of Ajah, a Canadian-based company which uses open and public data to help non-profits identify likely funders. Their non-profit initiative, PoweredByData leverages their expertise to develop a more effective social sector through the publication of better open data. He has been active in open data since 2004, co-founding municipal, provincial, and national lobbying groups for more access to government data.

Catherine McGoveran is a Librarian at Ottawa University and volunteer with Open Data Ottawa, a group of citizens interested in seeing local government function more efficiently and responsively. Open Data Ottawa advocates for governments to make data open and accessible and supports and leads workshops to help people work with data.

Bryan Smith is the Co-Founder of ThinkData Works Inc., an Open Data startup that provides a single platform solution allowing users to search and browse available Open Data in Canada. Bryan works with various governments and organizations to identify high value Open Data, develop strategies to release it, and connect that data to developers and businesses. ThinkData’s goal is to eliminate all the barriers associated with accessing Open Data, leading to the wider creation and adoption of data-driven apps and solutions.

Kady Seguin is Acting Director of Publish What You Pay Canada (PWYP-Canada), a coalition of Canadian CSOs promoting greater transparency in the oil, gas and mining sectors. She is currently working to ensure that recent Canadian legislation that will require Canadian extractive companies to disclose the payments they make to governments in Canada and abroad, is implemented in a manner that is consistent with the G8 Open Data Charter and housed on a centralized registry on the Government of Canada’s open data portal.

James McKinney is Open North‘s Executive Director. James was an early contributor to Montréal Ouvert – a citizen initiative to promote open access to civic information. He is an active voice in the Canadian and international open government and open data communities. James is a frequent contributor to government and corporate transparency projects, like OpenCorporates, and to open-source projects, like Drupal. He has presented on open government and technical subjects at GO Open Data, Transparency Camp, Drupalcon and Hacks/Hackers.

Ryan Eickmeier is the Senior Director, Public Affairs with GS1 Canada, the world’s leading supply chain standards organization. Ryan is responsible for strategic planning and execution of all aspects of GS1 Canada’s government relations work. Ryan is also the Vice President of the Public Affairs Association of Canada (PAAC), Canada’s leading association for public affairs practitioners. and sits on the Advisory Committee of Canada’s Digital Policy Forum (CDPR).

Katie Hale is a Senior Associate on the Election Initiatives’ Voting Information Project (VIP) at The Pew Charitable Trusts. VIP delivers official election information to voters through an open source format. She manages external partnerships with technology companies and other key stakeholders for the project. Prior to joining Pew, she worked at the Tory Burch Foundation on women’s economic empowerment in the U.S. Katie holds an MPA in Public and Nonprofit Management and Policy from NYU.

Vinod Rajasekaran is Co-founder and Lead Strategist of HUB Ottawa, which incubates the Rideau Hall Foundation, a new foundation focused on integrating bold opportunities for Canada’s future. The HUB is a globally-connected multi-sector member community, learning academy and launch pad optimized for people, projects and organizations. Vinod develops leading platforms for social innovation in not-for-profit, philanthropic, private, and social enterprise sectors. He co-designed Impact Academy, ‘Change Inc’ social entrepreneurship workshops, Ottawa Community Challenge, Launch Some Good, and Pan-Canadian Young Talent Forums.

Bianca Wylie is a facilitator that designs and delivers public consultation processes and she is the head of the Toronto Open Data Institute. Previously she has worked in the technology sector in product management, operations and systems design. At the Toronto Open Data Institute, Bianca works as a civic product manager, using civic tech for political engagement and to further open data use in policy and public decision-making.

Alexander Aylett is a sustainability researcher focused on how to enable more effective urban responses to climate change. He is also the founder of écoHackMTL, an organization that uses digital technologies to empower urban actors to create more deeply sustainable and democractic cities. He is the professor of Urban Sustainability Governance at the National Institute for Scientific Research (INRS) in Montreal, Canada.

Tina Groves is a portfolio product manager at IBM Canada and co-chair of the Ottawa chapter of Data for Good.  Her professional network and skills in data requirements are being applied to develop partnerships between non-profit agencies, altruistic data scientists and the private sector.

Hera Hussain is the Community and Communications Manager at the UK-based OpenCorporates. She is responsible for community relations, partnerships and engagement with stakeholders. Previously, she worked as a Marketing and Community consultant for startups such as Nutmeg, Eat Balanced and helped organise events with Microsoft, Mozilla and Wikipedia.

Sameer Vasta works on public policy and communications for MaRS Data Catalyst. Over the past decade, has helped organizations like the Government of Ontario, the World Bank and the Aga Khan Development Network create structures and frameworks to help them do their work better. Sameer led the creation of the online engagement strategy (including consultations on the open data strategy) for the World Bank, and led the governance modelling and financial modelling for the Ontario Public Service digital communications restructuring.

Laura Manley is the Co-Founder and Director of Partnerships and Programs for the Center for Open Data Enterprise in Washington, DC. As an open data advocate, Laura co-developed and launched the GovLab’s Open Data 500, the first comprehensive study of U.S. companies that use open government data to generate new business and develop new products and services. She has also worked with the World Bank to develop the Open Data for Business assessment and engagement tool.

Drew Rifkin’s career and passion is focused around data and its ability to empower. Working for MacDonald Dettwiler, he traveled throughout Asia to promote the use of Canada’s RADARSAT data.  Then at Safe Software, Drew helped Governments across North America integrate data from disparate systems. In Drew’s current role as the Canadian Territory Manager for Socrata, he has taken the next step in helping governments unlock their data by facilitating the engagement of their citizens via open data.

Chad Lubelsky. A proud Montrealer, Chad is the program lead for RECODE at the J.W. McConnell Family Foundation. RECODE provides social innovation and entrepreneurship opportunities for College and University students to become drivers of progress and change. Prior to joining the Foundation, Chad was the Executive Director of Santropol Roulant; developed leadership and community engagement programs for the Canada Millennium Scholarship Foundation; managed global Internet Rights advocacy for the South African based Association for Progressive Communications; and was a Founding Trustee of the Montreal Awesome Foundation.